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In Honor of International Day of Refugee, Meet Eva Richter And Michael Nicholson

International Day of Refugee is June 20th, a time to remember all categories of the vulnerable millions of displaced people who need to be remembered more often. What are the government policies that are failing to protect the rights of the over 60 million who have been exiled from their homes? What can we do about that? Join us today as we discuss the situation of displaced people and especially statelessness.

Our guests on The Justice For All Now Show are Eva Richter of the UN NGO Committee on Migration and Michael Nicholson of the Center for Migration Studies, two experts on the situation of displaced people and especially statelessness. 

Eva Richter and her family escaped Hitler and the holocaust by fleeing to China and she grew up there for 13 years. She was evacuated from China by the US Navy in 1948, during the Communist Revolution, traveling to the United States as a stateless person on documents provided by the United Nations International Refugee Organization and has advocated for the rights of displaced and marginalized people since, both as  a teacher and as an advocate, for the last 12 years at the United Nations.

Michael Nicholson, will speak about a ground-breaking new report he researched for the Center for Migration Studies, which shows how under-recognized this problem is in the United States. There appear to be approximately 218,000 stateless or potentially stateless people living in the US. This includes many vulnerable communities, including the Rohingya minority of Burma. How can we better address their needs for basic rights?

The show was co-hosted by Adem Carroll, head of our UN Programs in New York.


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