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Justice For All Impact Report 2019-2020

As a faith based human rights organization, we believe in the establishment of "qist"- a Quranic value of equity, fairness and justice. This cannot be achieved until the most vulnerable in a…

Burma ICJ Compliance – May Report

DOWNLOAD PDF: JFA_ICJReport_May2020 Introduction As a program of the human rights advocacy organization Justice for All, Burma Task Force has been examining Burma’s compliance with International Court of Justice (ICJ) directives to…

Burma and ICJ Compliance – April Report

Introduction The Rohingya people of Rakhine State, Burma, have suffered from years of discriminatory legal treatment and wholesale marginalization, mass displacement, mass atrocities and war crimes that in sum amount to Genocide.…

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Genocide against Muslims is escalating across the world. We’re responding on all fronts — from  international courts to Congress, the United Nations — but we need your help to win.