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Documentation Of The Oppressed (DOTO) Database


US State Department Reports On India

International Religious Freedom Reports

2021 Report on India

2020 Report on India

2019 Report on India

Human Rights Reports

2022 Report on India

2021 Report On India

2020 Report On India



Digital Hate


Religious Discrimination

Religious Persecution

Muslims Lynching/Attacks:

Police Brutality

Delhi Pogram

Media Attacks on Muslims


Mosque Burnings

Targeting Protests

Students, Activists, Muslim Leadership Arrested


RSS in Politics

RSS & Rise of Hindutva

Hindutva and Anti-Hindutva in the United States

Hindutva’s Global Influence

Christianity Under Attack

Anti-Conversion laws

Weaponization of Coronavirus in India

Election- Related Items:

Covid-19 Related Articles:

Kashmir/India Related Issues:

Violence & Discrimination Against Women in India

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