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What is the RSS?

RSS, The Killers of Gandhi Run India Today

The convicted killer of Mahatma Gandhi was a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, as it is known in India. RSS based its ideology on the ideas of racial purity preached by German Nazis and fascists in the 1930s and 40s. During World War II, the RSS openly supported Adolf Hitler. Its agenda was, and remains the same: To turn India into a Hindu nation, marked by the cultural and political hegemony of upper caste Hindus i.e. Indo-Aryans. RSS is a bit like SS of Nazi Germany, only more powerful, semi-secret, and extremely dangerous with trained 600,000 paramilitary members, and some 57,000 branches across the country. They run schools where millions of students study.

The RSS has been banned four times in India, but is now the de facto power that runs India. The RSS is the parent of all the organizations known as the “Sangh Parivar.” Members of these organizations have been implicated in mass killings, forced conversions5, inciting riots, and in bombing churches and mosques. 

The RSS is the parent organization of the BJP, the party which currently rules India. Today, the Indian President and the Prime Minister, both are card-carrying members of the fascist RSS. The current chief of RSS, Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat served as the commander of RSS militia training for years before becoming its “Supreme Leader.” The government of India now provides the RSS chief with round-the-clock security cover.4 It is the same level of security provided to the Indian Prime Minister and the President. 

Save India from Indian Fascists

Call Congress to Stop fascism in India using our free calling tool below or schedule a meeting with your elected officials


We need you to meet with your local congress representatives.

  • Don’t know who he/she is? Visit:
  • Call the district office to make an appointment. You can ask for a meeting at their district office or D.C. office.
  • Work with organizations in the area advocating for minority rights in India. [Suggestions: Indian American Muslim Council, Ambedkar Society, local Sikh organizations/ communities, and others. Include allies from other communities as well.]
  • Once scheduled, understand what your ‘asks’ are, prepare the talk/ presentation you will be giving, and make sure to introduce each member of your team. Take the contact info of staffers you spoke with and make sure to ask when a good time to follow up would be!
  • Download, customize and print the files (L1), (L2), (L3) below. Together, these three make the recommended advocacy pack. Sign, place in a folder and take with you.
Download the zip file (L4) , extract and copy to a new flash drive. Place in small ziploc bag, attach to folder and take with you. *Justice for All will provide training for your scheduled meeting to those interested. Email for more info!
Leave Behind Packet
Memo on India (L1)
Instances of atrocities by the Indian Police (L2)
Save India Brochure (L3)
Full pack with sample atrocities videos (L4)
Schedule a meeting to meet your Congressperson and Senators today.

Call your elected officials and urge them to act on India. RSS must be stopped.

Talking points

Here’s what you should say:

“I am a constituent. Please ask the Congressperson to demand that the State Department investigate RSS in India as an extremist organization and stop all their funding from the United States. They have killed over 35 people in just three days.

I appreciate the work that you have put into furthering Human Rights issues in different parts of the world and in the United States.”

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