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Muslim Americans are taking advocacy seriously, especially the young who are standing up for free Palestine fearlessly. Because of our appeals, you did the following through our system:

  • You delivered 214,900 emails to opinion leaders
  • You engaged the media 16,053 times for better coverage of Palestine
  • You made 10,000+ Calls to Congress and The White House

Impact of your work:

  • Congress passed a bill for Uyghur Muslims.
  • Senate introduced a bill on India
  • We presented the Muslim Ummah issues at the UN

There are many ways I would describe this year, but today I wish to share with you one of them: Determined.

I will start by sharing some good news.
This Year On Capitol Hill:

  • Uyghur Bill Passed:
    The Combating Human Rights Abuses Act of 2023 was passed and became law. This is especially important for the Save Uyghur Campaign, focusing on China’s Human Rights Abuses.
  • India Bill at Senate:
    After many years of advocacy, S.Res.424 was introduced by Senator Tammy Baldwin asking the United States Government to engage the Government of India to seek a swift end to the persecution of, and violence against, religious minorities and human rights defenders in India and a reversal of government policies that discriminate against Muslims and Christians on the basis of their respective faiths. Let’s get this passed in 2024!
    Our advocacy resulted in an India focus during the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Transnational Repression.

Justice For All Impacts UN Reports

This year was a big year for our research department. We hired a full-time human rights policy analyst and reorganized our teams. Justice For All research and findings were cited several times in the Global Study on the Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society and Civic Space conducted by the United Nations Special Rapporteur.

Following up on our Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee Review of India in 2022, Justice For All presented our recommendations on an in-person panel at the UNHRC in Geneva in 2023.

Submissions were also made to the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion on Advocacy of Hatred Based on Religion or Belief in India

3 Research Reports Launched at Senate & House

3 of our Research Reports were launched in Capitol Hill briefings

  1. Nazification of India
  2. Google Complicity in Uyghur Genocide
  3. Islamophobia leads to Genocide

Most importantly, this year was defined by our shared grief and the results of sustained advocacy through our Stop Gaza Genocide campaign. Because of your support, we have witnessed:

  1. Canada’s statement finally endorsed a ceasefire for Gaza under attack by Israeli forces—a significant diplomatic move enabling pressure needed to halt Israeli bombardment.
  2. Canada’s government voted in favor of a ceasefire at the United Nations General Assembly—a landmark milestone after its shameful history of abstaining or rejecting all Palestine UN resolutions for years prior.
  3. Canada implementing immigration measures allowing family members of Palestinian Canadians to flee persecution—a critical step to begin the process of saving lives.
  4. And for the first time we have seen the taboo around unconditional aid to Israel be removed in the US Congress. This is progress.

Palestine Media Watch Launched

Following the commencement of the Gaza carpet bombing, we recognized the urgent need to correct the media narrative. Several unchecked stories were going viral, reminiscent of the pre-Iraq War environment where a biased narrative supported the war. In response, the Justice For All team initiated a project to counter misinformation, leading to the creation of the Palestine Media Guide, which is updated on a daily basis.

As of Oct 30, 2023, the Justice For All Palestine Media Watch team has been actively involved in a comprehensive media monitoring campaign with the primary goal of changing the public narrative to ensure fair, balanced, and accurate information regarding the Gaza-Palestine crisis. The campaign involves volunteers who are strategically assigned to different media outlets, manually scanning articles and providing feedback to journalists; staff who maintain a database of responses and curate the Palestine Media Guide which shapes responses.

Despite these milestones, we are shattered. Our activism must continue for over 21,000 Palestinians brutally killed by the Israeli regime. So much more must be accomplished with your support. We invite you to end the year with a generous donation to support freedom and Justice for Gaza. Freedom and Justice For All.

Your financial support helps us take our advocacy to the next level and push our government to implement real action.


Every progress and positive development is a step in the right direction and a marker of the incredible and invaluable support YOU give us. To further demonstrate this, I wish to share with you some major milestones we achieved together in 2023.

Every time YOU click an action alert
Every dollar YOU spend in the cause of Justice
Every post YOU share from our social media

Has an impact. Don’t forget that.


Your Justice For All team

Thank you for your unwavering support.
Together, we can make a difference. Stay committed and let’s work towards stopping the Genocide in Palestine.

In solidarity,

Justice For All

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