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Report: Palestine; Genocide Apartheid Occupation

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We are witnessing a genocide live in Palestine. As a result of the persecution
experienced by Palestinians, a couple of cases have been commenced in the
International Court of Justice (ICJ), who have deemed the current genocide
“plausible” and implemented several preventative measures against the state of

The Genocide Convention has been ratified or acceded to by 153 countries,
including the United States, Canada, Israel, and Palestine, who are thus subject
to its provisions and obligations. In addition, the ICJ has ruled that the Genocide
Convention embodies principles that are part of international customary law,
and thus such principles are actually binding on all countries, whether or not they
have ratified/acceded to the Genocide Convention.

The Genocide Convention requires countries to prevent and punish the crime of
genocide. We hope there are no exemptions to this treaty.
This report outlines the growing consensus that what is happening in Palestine is
a genocide, and how this is linked to Islamophobia and Anti-Palestinian racism.
It will conclude with recommendations for the United States, Canada, and the
United Nations.

I hope this report is of benefit to ending the suffering of Palestinians, as well as
combatting genocides across the globe.

Taha Ghayyur
Executive Director
Justice for All Canada

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