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Justice For All Refutes Indian Government Propaganda On Developments in Jammu & Kashmir

Breaking Down Indian Propaganda On Jammu and Kashmir

Since August last year, Indian bureaucracy has instituted new oppressive policies in IOK which has put this disputed territory into a reverse gear on all spheres of life. Kashmiris have faced military curfews, mass arrests, communications black outs, demographic manipulation and economic destruction of billions of dollars.  The Indian government is publishing fake reports of the so-called development in IOK. These reports are being pushed out through embassies.

Justice For All’s Free Kashmir Action researcher, Maria Kaiser, critically examines these claims. Justice For All is pleased to highlight the work of Kashmiri photographer, Muzamil Mattoo. His brilliant photography from the ground has fortified the Free Kashmir Action critique.

“After 5th August 2019, the people of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, have suffered most grievously. The Indian government has been brutalizing the Kashmiri people and colonizing the territory. The scale at which these atrocities are being committed have been rightly termed as crimes against humanity and war crimes. But, ironically, India is trying to show to the world that a new era of development has kicked off in Kashmir,” stated Dr Abdul Jabbar, Team Lead for Free Kashmir Action at Justice For All.  “A candid inspection of the facts and figures reveal diametrically opposite view of the so- called development. They want a praise for their oppression, but truth is that they must be condemned by the international civil society and people of conscience,” he added.

A response  to Indian government propaganda regarding their claims about exciting developments in Jammu & Kashmir since August 5, 2019. ie. the Indian embassy’s newsletter circulated by Mr. Shambhu Hakki, First Secretary (Political & PIC) & Spokesperson regarding the Indian embassy’s e-bulletin.

  1. Internet Ban: A Disconnected Valley
  2. Industrial Downfall Since Revocation of Article 370
  3. Human Rights Abuses in Jammu and Kashmir since August 2019
  4. A Year Without Education: 2019-20
  5. Deliberate Disruption Of Emergency Healthcare

The report is available in web format here.

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