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Harvard University has barred 13 undergraduates from graduating. While the faculty had recommended that they graduate, the Harvard Corporation has stopped it on disciplinary grounds. It is clear that this is because they protested against the ongoing genocide in Gaza. If this is allowed to pass, other universities will be emboldened, and over 3000 students would be in danger of their academics being wiped clean.

These are the set of actions that are planned around this.

X or Twitter, is the way most opinion makers and leaders are connected. So keep tweeting to Harvard. Not once but often until they allow these 13 young leaders to graduate. If Harvard does not take back its decision, there are at least 3,000 other students across America who might lose their chance to graduate

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Use these hashtags #RestoreHarvard13 #ShameOnHarvard : Demand justice and adherence to academic integrity.

The Harvard Corporation is the most powerful governing board of Harvard. They reversed the decision of the academic council who voted to allow students to graduate.

Email the Harvard Corporation leaders

Call the President’s office: 617-496-5100

Harvard President Alan M. Garber had agreed with the free Palestine protesters to end their peace camps so that students would not face disciplinary actions. He stepped into office on Jan. 2 following the resignation of former Harvard President Claudine Gay under political and corporate pressure.

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