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Action Alert: Americans For Afghans – Save Afghans From Starvation


Additional Actions:

Call The White House Comments lIne and leave a message:  202-456-1111

Click To Tweet At The US Government. Remove JFA link if it appears.

The facts: 8.7 million #Afghans are on the brink of starvation.72% are in poverty. The World Food Program projects that 98% will be in poverty in 5 months. Americans For Afghans demand that we save Afghans from starvation. @POTUS @StateDept #LiftSanctions #SaveAfghans Click To Tweet .@POTUS @StateDept Send $1 billion in aid to #Afghanistan through the @UN & Unfreeze Afghan assets to save Afghans from starving to death #LiftSanctions Click To Tweet The @WFP projects that 98% of the Afghan population will be in poverty within 5 months.What is @POTUS trying to achieve by pushing an entire population to the brink of starvation by cutting crucial aid necessary to sustain the war-ravaged nation? #LiftSanctions Click To Tweet The allies & @POTUS cannot ignore the danger to the lives of millions of Afghan civilians including children. A country cannot be held hostage & forced into starvation. The #Afghan people have suffered for decades due to conflict & occupation. The blockade is must end now! #LiftSanctions #SaveAfghans Click To Tweet
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