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The RSS has very close parallels to Hitler's Nazi Party. This is not a coincidence. Early leaders of the RSS praised Hitler's methods to attain racial purity and recommended it as a model for India to use against its Muslim & Christian populations.

Nazi Germany

RSS India

Anti-Semitism and vilification of Jewish population as political agenda

Islamophobia and vilification of Muslim population as political agenda 1

Sought to establish Aryan supremacy

Seeks to establish Hindu supremacy2

Reich Citizenship Law redefined German citizenship to exclude Jewish people

India’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) will strip many of their citizenship as is already happening in Assam since they do not possess historic documents. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) grants non-Muslims a path to regain citizenship. Muslims would remain stateless 3

The ‘Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor’ banned marriage and extramarital relations between Jews and those of ‘German blood’

Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance 2020’ disparagingly known as ‘Love Jihad’ Law seeks to ‘protect’ Hindu women and their honor from Muslim men by preventing inter-faith marriages 4

Law banning kosher slaughter

Campaign against halal products.5 Ban on beef consumption.6 Lynching on the transportation of cattle 7

The Propaganda Ministry controlled the press to propagate Nazi ideology

A professional Information Technology cell and a compliant media (called Godi or lapdog media) spread fake news to demonize minorities and mold public opinion in favor of Hindutva ideology. Reporters Without Border ranks India below Afghanistan and Burma in media freedom at 142nd level.8 Textbooks demonize Muslims.9 Admiration for Nazism is rampant in the RSS-BJP ideology 10

Longing for a return of the glory of Germany, especially pre-WW1

The glorification of ancient India is a standard part of mythological history used by Modi and BJP-RSS with claims that internet to stem cells all were first invented by Hindus thousands of years ago 11

Economic boycott of Jewish owned businesses and Jewish professionals

Economic boycott of Muslim owned businesses and Muslim professionals 12

Dehumanization of Jews by referring to them as Untermenschen (subhuman), ‘vermin’, ‘rats’, ‘lice’

Dehumanization of Muslims by referring to them as rakshasa which are man-eating demons in Hindu literature who fought Ram, the prime Hindu god.13 Muslims are also called ‘foreigners’, ‘thieves’, ‘super-spreaders’, ‘pigs’

Hitler was a cult figure - admired as the “unknown soldier” who ascended in rank due to his talent and regarded as the one who alone could save Germany

Modi is a cult figure - admired as a humble “chai wala” (tea seller) who rose to power and boasts a “56 inch chest”. He is regarded as the one who single handedly will develop and defend India 14

Hitler Youth indoctrinated its young members to embrace supremacist Nazi ideology

RSS runs the largest school network in India. Children in RSS affiliated schools and at public events are indoctrinated to embrace supremacist Hindutva ideology15

Vandalization and destruction of synagogues

Vandalization and destruction of mosques 16

2 Most RSS-BJP leaders belong to the Brahmin caste, the highest in the caste hierarchy called Varna;

5 There is no law against halal. However, there are lynchings of Muslim butchers, boycott of Muslim-owned & halal restaurants, and forced closures of Muslim businesses.

8 (accessed 2022-2-25)

11 Also see: (accessed 2022-4-17)

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