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NextGen Development Program for Youth 2023

What is NextGen Development Program?

The goal of the NextGen Development Program is to empower young Muslims with leadership, communication, and advocacy skills, grounded in Islamic tradition and best practices, to become better Muslims, better neighbors, and better citizens.

The time to develop our next generation of Muslim activists is now! This training retreat caters to young Muslims (HS Seniors 18+, college students, and recent grads) who are passionate about a domestic or international human rights cause.

NextGen program plans to train and mentor 50 young Muslim activists and leaders over a period of one year (2022-2023).

Attention Parents: Empower Your Child’s Future at NextGen 2023!

Are you a parent looking to equip your rising high school senior or college student with the tools to create lasting change in the world?
Look no further! Introducing NextGen 2023: an incredible advocacy and organizing training program designed specifically for emerging leaders.

Program Dates: July 23-26, 2023
Venue: Diyanet Center of America, Maryland USA, a prestigious center of inspiration and growth.
Contact: 202-922-JUST

NextGen 2023 brings together a team of esteemed experts, including Mike Gecan (President Obama’s trainer), Linda Sarsour, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Imam AbdulAhad Farooq, Former Secretary of Education Arif Qarni, Hena Zuberi, and Suhail Khan of Microsoft, to empower and guide your child through a transformative three-day experience. They will learn invaluable skills, strategies, and leadership qualities that will shape their future and help them make a real impact.

Uncover the secrets to effective advocacy and organizing.
Acquire essential skills to drive meaningful change.
Master public speaking and persuasive communication.
Build lifelong connections with like-minded peers.
Gain insights from engaging discussions and workshops.
Ignite your child’s passion for social justice.

But that’s not all! NextGen 2023 goes beyond classroom training. We believe in the power of firsthand experiences and learning from the resilience and wisdom of others. That’s why we have special events planned:

Uyghur Night: Hear from brave genocide survivors, who will share their stories and inspire a commitment to justice.
Sit at the Feet of African American Muslim Elders: Learn from their rich experiences, wisdom, and historical contributions to social justice.
Survivors of Gujarat Massacre: Witness the resilience of survivors and understand the importance of standing against Hindutva violence.

We understand the significance of nurturing their spiritual well-being too. Rest assured, NextGen 2023 incorporates Islamic elements into the program, such as daily five-time prayers, an exploration of the Islamic model of leadership, and fostering a sense of unity and care for the Ummah.

Invest in your child’s future today! The program fee is $300 per participant, but we want to ensure that financial constraints don’t hinder any aspiring change-makers. Scholarships are available to eligible participants.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by! Register to secure your child’s place in the program presented by Soundvision and Justice For All. Join us in shaping a better future, one voice at a time.

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