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JFA Statement On Coronavirus and Concentration Camps

We pray for the people of Wuhan who are suffering from an epidemic  exacerbated by the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Justice For All is very concerned with the novel coronavirus (nCoV), and particularly its effects on the detainees at the concentration camps in the area the CCP calls Xinjiang. 

Since the camps provide a fertile breeding ground for infections, the danger to detainees is more pronounced than those who are free on the outside.

According to testimony by former inmates, such as Mihrgul Tursan, the camps are overcrowded. She estimates her cell was 430 square feet and held about 60 women and was unsanitary – with one hole in the ground for all the 60 detainees. Women took turns sleeping as all could not lie down at the same time. If the virus gains a foothold there, it could spread easily from person to person. There will be mass death. 

We demand that the Chinese government release all prisoners from the largest concentration camps since Nazi Germany. 

Keeping them in the camps during an epidemic is an act of genocide. 

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