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Justice For All Denounces Shuttering Of Amnesty India

India’s continued degradation of democratic values and institutions takes a toll on one of the world’s best recognized watchdog agencies. Yesterday, Amnesty International has announced that it will cease operations in India. Amnesty International has been continually harassed by the Indian governmental machinery, making it difficult for them to do their valuable work. Recently, their finances were targeted by the government which froze all their operating accounts, rendering it impossible for AI to continue its work. Terming the pressure by the Indian government as a “witch-hunt”, Amnesty International will be laying off all of its Indian staff. This is a loss, not only for Indian democracy, but for all peoples of the world. Amnesty International, and other similar agencies, form a strong defense for human rights for us all.

“Amnesty’s departure from India will only make it easier for the Indian BJP government to continue its persecution of minorities. Whatever little resistance it might have faced because of AI’s reporting is now going to be absent.” said Zahir Adil, lead of the Save India From Fascism project at Justice For All.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Fortify Rights, and other similar agencies are strong partners for us at Justice For All, as well as other Human Rights and advocacy groups wanting to see the world progress towards more just societies and countries. They form a strong barrier and bulwark to the current trend of majoritarianism being revived in many nations of the world.

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