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India on the Brink

Gujarat 2002: The Beginning of Genocide #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Hijab ban, Hounding and Hate Speech: Targeting of Muslim women in the long shadow of Gujarat 2002

How Gujarat Became The Cradle And Harbinger Of Identity Politics: A Fireside Conversation

Silence is Complicity: Hindu Response to Majoritarian Violence #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Assam's Forgotten Genocide: Revisiting Nellie Massacre of 1983 #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Indian Muslim Genocide: A Clear & Present Danger with Yvonne Ridley #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

India's Nuremberg Laws: Legalizing Genocide #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

India's Role in Global Islamophobia #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

WhatsApp as a Weapon: Hate Speech & Violence #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Can International Law Prevent Genocide of Indian Muslims? #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Fireside conversation on the Role of Gender in Preventing Genocide #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Plenary: India on the brink with Prof. Gregory Stanton #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Dehumanization & Polarization: Hindutva Hate Speech #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

Genocidal Hate Speech & State Responsibility #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

The Big Lie: Hindutva and the Power of Propaganda #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

India's Responsibility to Protect Muslims: Parallels with the Rohingya Genocide in Myanmar #India

Investigating and Monitoring Genocide in India #IndiaGenocideSummit2022

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