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Ruqqayah Ali

Ruqayya Ali first engaged in activism as a student at Howard University in the sixties. She married and reverted to Islam at that same time and raised a family of 11 children. Her travels with her family and spiritual community to seek deeper Islamic knowledge took her to many states in the US, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Senegal, W. Africa. ” I saw how people live in various places and gained an empathy and respect for Allah’s people far beyond the intellectual. I feel their joy and their pain. The call for justice is something that every human being is called to, as we, ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, and our minds are built on balance and equity. One who knows oppression wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.” Ruqayya works in the Philadelphia community in advocacy for mental health and the aging. She pleads for the oppressed and the unjustly incarcerated and works with the Imam Jamil Action Network in its efforts to free the wrongfully imprisoned imam.
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