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We must try to save India from fascism. Violence is no longer limited to India. It has arrived in Canada. Now the FBI is warning American citizens of the risk to their lives.

Last week 53 Sikh temples were raided by India. In August 1,200 Muslim homes were bulldozed next to Delhi by the government. In May 249 Churches were demolished within 36 hours in Manipur, India. The lynching of Muslims and Dalits is almost a daily occurrence in India.
Now that Canada has taken a stand on India exporting violence to Canada, it is critical for the US to Stand with Canada. 

We have 3 actions that you should take:

1) Email your representatives CLICK HERE; Call your representatives CLICK HERE; Download, print, distribute this action CLICK HERE

2) JOIN a Twitter (X) storm: Wednesday 12pm Eastern. Use @POTUS @StateDept and #StandWithCanada  SAMPLE Tweets:  CLICK HERE

3) Volunteer for this campaign:  CLICK HERE

Download the Nazification of India report:  CLICK HERE

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