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We are hiring for the following positions:

Part Time or Full-Time Position

Justice For All has been active in projecting the American Muslim voice at the United Nations for the benefit of Muslim minorities around the world who are struggling for freedom, justice, and Islam. Our priorities include Rohingya Muslims of Burma, Uyghur Muslims oppressed by the Chinese, Indian Muslims, Kashmiri Muslims, and Palestinian imprisoned children.

We meet with UN leaders such as the President of the United Nations Security Council and others. Our staff member, Aydin Anwar, was able to confront the Chinese ambassador about 92 of her missing Uyghur relatives.

We currently coordinate with many other NGOs at the United Nations. Br. Adem Carroll has been our representative. Accredited with the Department of Global Communications, we get passes to enter the United Nations in New York and directly meet people in Geneva, Switzerland where the Human Rights Council operates from.

We are looking for an Assistant Coordinator for the United Nations. This position can be full-time or part-time and based on how much time the candidate offers, the following work will be needed:

  • Develop relationships on behalf of Justice For All

  • Meet diplomats who are willing to work on any of our causes or to convince diplomats to work on them.

  • Seek appointments, arrange meetings, develop agenda and attend meetings to promote our cause

  • Use Contact Resource Management (CRM) tools to develop a knowledge database about those  relationships and meetings

  • Outreach to the Muslim community in New York for our causes

Experience with human rights work or UN work is not required but is preferred. Good communication skills are a must.  Adequate fluency in an additional language other than English such as French, or Arabic will be beneficial as well. Once hired there will be a learning process about the United Nation’s human rights framework, its bureaucracy, what works and what does not work.

Salary will be according to the skills, experience, and time available as a part-time or full-time person.

Send your resume and cover letter to Write in subject line the position you are applying for.

Preferably full-time position, part time will be considered

Preferably in Chicago but can be remote

Burma Task Force is a ten-year-old coalition of 38 Muslim organizations in North America. Now working under the banner of Justice For All which works on 6 Muslim minority causes with staff in Washington DC, Ottawa, Ont, Chicago, and New York. Its Chair is Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.

Burma Task Force along with its Rohingya allies, and coalition partners has been successful in advocating for the US and Canada to give 2.2 billion dollars to Rohingya refugees, getting it declared as genocide by both countries and get victims’ voices in the International Criminal Court as well as the International Court of Justice.

This genocide however is ongoing. Although Rohingya refugees are safe and have freedom of religion outside Burma, a third generation of Rohingya is being raised illiterate due to restrictions on education beyond grade 3. America has accepted 100,000 plus Christian refugees from Burma, but it has not accepted more than 10,000 Rohingya refugees.

We are looking for a full-time coordinator or a part-time assistant coordinator reporting to chair Burma Task Force Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.

  • Educate

    • America about the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya people

    • Muslim community through our newsletters, social media, contacts with masjid

    • by developing content, getting it distributed, and

    • by making presentations

  • Advocate:

    • organize advocacy for full educational opportunities for Rohingya refugees as a top priority and

    • for America and Canada to gradually accept 100,000 Rohingya refugees to their respective countries

    • other points as they arise

  • Coordinate:

    • Volunteers for advocacy

    • with Rohingya leaders and organizations across the USA

    • with our Buddhist and other interfaith allies

    • with the Burma Task Force team in Canada

Salary will be according to the skills, experience, and time available as a part-time or full-time person.

Good communication skills and organizational skills are a must. Knowing the Rohingya language, Bengali or the Burmese language will be beneficial as well.

Send your resume and cover letter to Write in subject line the position you are applying for.

Preferably full-time position but can be part time

Preferably based in Chicago, IL or in Maryland but can be remote

Justice For All is a human rights organization with Consultative Status at the United Nations. It is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Chicago, with staff in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Ottawa.

About 400 million Muslims live as minorities. They are vulnerable in an increasingly Islamophobic world. For that reason, Justice For All has been doing its best to help Muslim minorities. We have worked to assist Muslim minorities in Bosnia, Kosova, Central African Republic, Chechnya, and Sri Lankan Muslims. Our current campaigns include Burma Task Force for Rohingya Muslims, Uyghur Muslims, Kashmiris, Palestinian children, and Indian Muslims.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Communications Specialist who is passionate for the ummah to promote positive messages about our causes, campaigns and the organization by developing effective communication strategies.

A full-time staff will be carrying out the following responsibilities:

Newsletters and Action Alerts:

• Be over all responsible for newsletters and action alerts

• Coordinate with campaign leads to receive content for the newsletter, edit, and come up with catchy subject headings and subheadings

• Develop urgent action alerts

• Post newsletters and action alerts on the website


• Press releases

• Develop content, write articles, reports, and memos for our campaign

• Edit submissions by team members

• Write op-eds and get them published

Press Relations:

• Liaise with media and handle requests for interviews, statements etc.

• Plan events or organize press conferences

• Organize release of our reports

• Perform “damage control” in cases of bad publicity or hostile action


• Using Content Management Systems (CMS) update the websites of the organization and different campaigns

• Ensure that home pages are current, new information is added, and old information is archived

• Work with the developer to enhance sites with new features

Social Media:

• Post items from newsletters and action alerts on the social media of Justice For All

• Get graphics designed from graphic designers

Requirements and skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

• Experience in copywriting and editing

• Proven experience as communications specialist is preferred but an exceptional fresh graduate will be considered

• Experience in CMS is needed

• Understanding of project management principles is preferred

• Working knowledge of MS Office; photo and video-editing software is an additional asset

• Outstanding organizational and planning abilities

• Proficient command of English

• BS/BA in public relations, communications or relevant field

Salary will be according to the skills, experience, and time available as a part-time or full-time person.

Send your resume and cover letter to Write in subject line the position you are applying for.

2 part time positions available

Preferably based in Chicago, or the Washington DC area but can be remote

Volunteers are the life of Justice For All, a human rights organization led by Muslims to support Muslim minorities in struggle for freedom, justice and Islam. Volunteers have delivered 52,000 calls last year to decision makers resulting in multiple resolutions and bill getting passed at the US Congress.

This position is very critical for Justice For All. If you have gone through and have experience with organizing trainings, it would be very helpful. But if you are an organized person, with a friendly demeanor, with good communication skills, you will be able to learn with us, and grow into the responsibilities.

What a Volunteer Organizer will do:

A Volunteer Organizer helps organize all aspects of volunteering.

  • Communicate with current and potential volunteers
  • recruit new volunteers
  • train volunteers,
  • come up with programs and incentive to retain volunteers
  • assign tasks to volunteers,
  • oversee their work
  • provide feedback for their growth
  • promoting opportunities for people who want to volunteer additional hours in their schedule
  • place volunteers based on a campaign leader’s needs
  • manage volunteer schedules

Salary will be according to the skills, experience, and time available as a part-time or full-time person.

Send your resume and cover letter to Write in subject line the position you are applying for.

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