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Hindutva in The Work Place

Hindutva in Schools and Universities

What is Hindutva?

Hindutva in North American Politics 

Part 1 – Jan 26, 2021 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Topic: Hindutva – What you should know?

  1. The Hindutva culture: A short introduction to the ideology and its progression in India, and its introduction into  the United States. (Makeup, political and social influences in general.) Legitimizing Hindutva and creating a culture of impunity. What Americans should be concerned about (parallels between India and other fascist governments).)

Prof. Apoorvanand Purwa Bharadwaj 

  1. Hindutva in US Politics: Its rising influence in United States policy making. Mechanisms that are used to support candidates and rally political and other decision-makers to support Hindutva ideology.  

Nadia Ahmed. Chaor Muslim Delegates And Allies 

  1. Hindutva’s  influence in Canada: Are the same tactics used in Canada to win support for the Hindutva agenda?

Yousuf Syed Co-Founder, Canadians Against Oppression & Persecution(CAOP)  


Part 2 – Feb 02, 2021 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Duration 

Topic: Hindutva in Schools and Society

  1. Hindutva in schools: How the narrative is being changed, and history being manipulated, and taught to American and Canadian students. Examples from the CA textbook case, as well as other school campaigns run by Hindutvadis.

(Asma Azeem is a mother of three and has been a teacher in public and private schools in Canada and USA.She is the Florida State Coordinator of Mother Against Teaching Hate in Schools (Project MATHS)

      2. Hindutva in Universities: Discriminatory practices, research preferences etc.  How Dalits & Muslim students may be affected 

3 college students

Part 3 – Feb 09, 2021 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Duration 

Topic: Hindutva in the Workplace 

  1. Workplace hiring discrimination, caste discrimination. Effect of work visas being released under the Biden administration
  2. The American dependence on Indian IT, good, bad or neutral?
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