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Justice For All, the Muslim human rights organization, fights for Muslim Minorities. One way to love the Ummah is to stand for its rights. Please join our online benefit.

20+Year track record of advocacy for Muslim Minorities: 

Burma Task Force • Save Uyghur • Kashmir Action Save India From Fascism




The last words of the Prophet were Ummatee, Ummatee, My Ummah, My Ummah!

This is why love of the Prophet and love of Ummah or community is intertwined in the hearts and minds of Muslims. God’s peace and blessings be upon the Prophet. 

Every day we pray for the Prophet saying Sallallahu Alaihe wa sallam.

And every Jumah we pray for the Muslim Ummah, for Rohingya sisters and brothers, for Uyghurs, for Kashmiris, for Palestinians, for Indian Muslims. And our dua list is longer than that.

Here is what Allah says about our actionless duas:

“And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for” (Quran 53:39)

 Despite all odds, Alhamdu lillah, our brothers and sisters have not given up their struggle. 

Can we stand with them? Can we join them in their duas, as well as in persistent supportive action? 

This is what Justice For All is doing. 

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Benefit

to Learn Our Story of Standing up for Rohingya, Uyghurs and others

 on Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Primary Muslim Human Rights organization

Have you ever felt being un-loved by someone? What kinds of emotions did you experience as a result? Rejected? Isolated? Insecure? Hopeless?

What about experiencing hate from a group of people for no reason or fault of your own?  

Now imagine millions of brothers and sisters collectively experiencing such emotions on a daily basis, as a result of systemic hate, Islamophobia, and violence orchestrated to make these indigenous people feel rejected, isolated, insecure, and hopeless in their own lands?

Now imagine if YOU had the ability to show these hated and persecuted people some love. If YOU could share the power of love and solidarity through your time, talent, and treasure.

This is a story of love and hate that the 3 million stateless Rohingya, the most neglected and persecuted people in the world, have experienced over half a century. This the first time in history, a genocide was documented before, during, and after through satellite images. 

Who are the heroes of the Rohingya struggle? 

  • Firstly, the incredibly resilient Rohingya brothers and sisters in Burma. 
  • Secondly, it’s YOU. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. 
  • Your love for the Prophet and his Ummah.

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Benefit

To Fight genocide using our freedoms to free others

Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Primary Muslim Human Rights Organization


“I left my body there that night”

Every time Fatima recounts her hellish ordeal on that dreaded night, she starts biting her nails. She hardly has any nails left, as this is the only way she can cope with the trauma she faced in Burma as an 18-year-old with two small boys. 

Now living in the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazaar, Fatima chokes as she retells her story of escape after being raped at least 30 times in a single night.

“I left my body there,” she tells people.

She was dragged into a wooded area outside, along with 15 other young women, where they were raped multiple times in one night by the Burmese militias. Some women didn’t survive.

Fatima was lucky to flee back to safety despite her severe injuries.

Because of your help, Burma Task Force and Justice for All team in the Cox’s Bazaar refugee camps, was able to document and retell the story of thousands of Fatima’s who were victims of sexual violence by Burmese militias. For the first time since the unspeakable traumatic incidents of rape, these brave girls are mustering up the courage to share their stories with the world. For the first time, they are able to reclaim their bodies. For the first time, they feel heard and loved by the Ummah.

Who stood by the Fatima’s of Rohingya over the last 8 years? 

You. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

Their voices are now being heard at the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and the International Court of Justice. 

Now we must do the same for Uyghur sisters who are being raped and sterilized in the concentration camps, and forced to marry Chinese communists. We must stand with “half widows” of Kashmir whose husbands are kidnapped by the Indian army. We must fight for Indian Muslim sisters who are being molested by the hands of the killers of Gandhi in Modi’s fascist India. 

The young Uyghur mother, Mehrgul Tursin, was arrested as soon as she landed in East Turkistan, known as Xinjiang province by China, to meet her mother. Her triplets were taken away as she was taken to the Chinese concentration camps. She was forced fed medicine so she can no longer bear children. After nine atrocious months when she was deported to the US, they handed her a frozen dead body of her baby boy. 

Justice For All team has been applying the lessons and successes gained from the Burma Task Force experience to our support for Uyghur Muslims, Kashmiris, and Indian Muslims.

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Benefit

To Fight genocide using our freedoms to free others

Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Primary Muslim Human Rights Organization


An Ummah-Lover in Chicago 

While most of the world didn’t know Rohingya or chose to conveniently ignore the ongoing persecution in a ‘far away land’, in 2012, a Burmese Muslim businessman in Chicago, who carried love and pain for the Ummah, wanted to do something about it. Osman Meah, who now sits on the board of Justice For All, raised an initial $7,000  to convince Justice for All to hire a staff to focus on ending genocide against the Rohingya people. 

Through the launch of Burma Task Force, a project of Justice for All, in 2012, a group of volunteers, activists, and heroes like you in the US and Canada embarked on the Prophetic mission of loving the forgotten part of the Ummah, the Rohingya people, by advocating for their human rights and justice in the US and Canada and documenting the injustice committed against them.

لَـقَدۡ اَرۡسَلۡنَا رُسُلَنَا بِالۡبَيِّنٰتِ وَاَنۡزَلۡنَا مَعَهُمُ الۡكِتٰبَ وَالۡمِيۡزَانَ لِيَقُوۡمَ النَّاسُ بِالۡقِسۡطِ​ۚ ‏ 

(57:25) Indeed We sent Our Messengers with Clear Signs, and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may uphold justice (Qist)….

Who continued to build on the pioneering contribution of Osman Meah? Who helped Justice for All carry on the mission of defending human rights and ending genocide over the past 8 years?

You. Your calls. Your Time. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

Join #LoveUmmah Online Benefit

Nov. 21, 2020 to Support the Human Rights Work of Justice For All


His love for parents made him do the unthinkable

While youth his age are in college, dreaming of a bright future, Mohammed Ayoub didn’t have this luxury. Like a million Rohingya who fled Burma as a result of organized attacks by the Burmese military, Ayoub had to make that instant decision to escape death.

With his elderly parents living with him, he said, “I could not have left them to die.” So he decided to do something perhaps no one his age would have dared to try. He carried his parents in two baskets slung over his shoulders on a wooden stick.

It was an excruciating journey full of unknowns, as he and thousands of desperate but resilient Rohingya had no idea where and how far they would be walking. Ayoub walked bare feet for 100 miles for 7 days! 

Say Allahu Akbar!

But there are thousands of Ayoub’s who fled their ancestral homeland in Burma, whose stories were never told. They feel forgotten and neglected now that the cameras are gone.

Uyghur Muslims on the other hand cannot take their parents anywhere. Half a million Uyghur Muslim children are taken to orphanages as their parents are taken to the largest concentration camps since the Nazis. About two million Chinese Communists are placed in the Uyghur homes.

Who will continue to show Muslims love? Who will continue to hear their stories? Who will continue to bring them justice? Who will continue to advocate for their basic human rights?

You. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

Join #LoveUmmah Online Benefit

To Pursue the Prophetic Mission of Establishing Justice

To Support Justice For All

 on Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Only Muslim Human Rights Group


Your 10 Minutes to Stop the Genocide Worked!

Since no one knew the name “Rohingya” back in 2012, the Burma Task Force team launched a humble campaign, “Give 10 Minutes to Stop Genocide.” Alhamdu lillah, it mobilized hundreds of caring volunteers like you to pressure governments to take action against genocide in Myanmar.

Soon multitudes of you began donating $10, $20, $50, $100, and more so Burma Task Force could investigate, record, report, educate, and advocate in a more organized and professional manner. Now thanks to you sparing ten minutes or ten dollars, every one knows who Rohingyas are. 

Burma Task Force developed two coalitions:

  1. A Coalition of 30 plus Muslim organizations both in the US and Canada
  2. A Faith Coalition with non-Muslim organizations 

And to assist us, we:

  1. Hired a public relations firm
  2. Hired a lobbying firm
  3. Hired two international human rights lawyers for the International Criminal Court

Here is what we did with YOUR help:

  • organized country-wide demonstrations
  • distributed thousands of action alerts at Masjids across the country
  • held meetings to influence elected officials
  • organized lobby days 
  • participated in human rights committee testimonies 
  • got resolutions introduced and passed in the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament
  • published op-eds
  • influenced allies at the United Nations
  • interviewed the genocide survivors in the refugee camps to document and share their stories 
  • financed films and investigative media reports 

Burma Task Force became a powerful force for advocacy on behalf of the helpless and neglected, driven by love for justice and humanity.

The Impact:

Alhamdulillah, with your help, Burma Task Force’s love for justice and persistent sabr for human rights brought some positive results: 

  • In 2012, we determined it to be a genocide and now International Court of Justice agrees 
  • Filed a case in 2014 against Burmese leaders in the USA resulting in them cancelling their trip
  • Got Canadian parliament in 2017 to declare the Rohingya cleansing a genocide 
  • Got the US congress in 2018 to declare it a genocide
  • Got Canada to send a Special Envoy to the Rohingya refugee camps in the Cox’s Bazaar and commit $330 million in aid to Rohingya refugees over the next few years
  • The United States became the number one donor to Rohingya refugees by giving more than $600 million dollars
  • In 2018, our lawyers submitted victims’ voices to the International Criminal Court on behalf of the Rohingya victims of Tula Toli massacres 
  • In November 2019, the quest and love of justice took the Burmese government to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), a historic legal action thanks to the courage of the Gambia, supported by Canada and the Netherlands.

Who will keep up the fight of justice for the Rohingya? Who will keep reassuring them that they are still part of our Ummah and we will be there for them in their pain and quest for justice?

Who will translate lessons learned from struggle for Rohingyas to other struggles like Uyghur and Kashmiri struggle for freedom and for the rights of Indian Muslims?

Insha Allah You. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

عن سهل بن سعد الساعدي عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ إِنَّ الْمُؤْمِنَ مِنْ أَهْلِ الْإِيمَانِ بِمَنْزِلَةِ الرَّأْسِ مِنْ الْجَسَدِ يَأْلَمُ الْمُؤْمِنُ لِأَهْلِ الْإِيمَانِ كَمَا يَأْلَمُ الْجَسَدُ لِمَا فِي الرَّأْسِ

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, the believer among the people of faith is in the position of the head to the body. The believer feels pain for the people of faith, just as the body feels pain in its head” (Musnad Aḥmad # 22370).

There are many other Muslim causes of human rights we support but our limited resources allow us to focus on just a few at this moment. 

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Fundraiser to Learn Our Story

 on Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Only Muslim Human Rights Group


Zulm, Oppression, and Islamophobia are alive and kicking. So is our love for the Ummah

With the success of the Burma Task Force, we have taken the Justice for All’s work of defending human rights and ending genocide to the next level, despite meager resources.

In 2018, we launched the Save Uyghur campaign to free the 3 million Uyghur Muslims detained in the world’s largest concentration camps since the Nazi Germany. 

In August 2019, we introduced the Free Kashmir campaign to fight the siege of 8 million Kashmiri Muslims in the open-air prison lockdown by the occupying Indian army, as the Modi government suspended the special status of Kashmir, under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.

In December 2019, we launched the Save India campaign to counter waves of hate and pogroms targeting the indigenous Indian Muslims, thanks to the Modi government’s amendment of the Citizenship Act and introduction of anti-Muslim policies.

What next? Only God knows where else Justice for All’s next calling would be. But sadly, it won’t be ending anytime soon.

Who will stand with the millions of oppressed minorities around the world? Who will amplify their voice and tell their stories? Who will remind them they are not alone?

You. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The Zulm (Oppression) will be a darkness on the Day of Resurrection” (Bukhari #636).

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Fundraiser to Learn Our Story

 on Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Only Muslim Human Rights Group

It all began almost 30 years ago with Bosnia

Helpless. Hopeless. Heart-Wrenching.

This was the condition of a Muslim minority in the heart of Europe almost 30 years ago. Bosnia genocide resulted in the displacement of three million, murder of 300,000, and rape of over 50,000 women.

With the establishment of Bosnia Task Force in 1992, Muslim leadership and community launched a powerful response to end genocide. This historic united front housed in the humble office of Sound Vision in Chicago, presided by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid upon the request of the community leadership, resulted in many firsts for the American Muslim community. 

For the first time national Muslim organizations came together as a coalition for a cause and worked decisively to end genocide in Bosnia. For the first time, American Muslims organized a large scale rally at the White House, which is historically the largest Muslim led demonstration in America till this day. For the first time American Muslim sent a Muslim delegation to the UN, accompanied by the star power of the Late Muhammad Ali, the champ.

For the first time American Muslims lobbied the government to defend the oppressed and end genocide. These the were five demands and accomplishments of the Bosnia Task Force:

  1. Declare Serbian “ethnic cleansing” to be genocide.
  2. The UN should lift its arms embargo from Bosnia and Croatia so citizens could defend themselves against the well-armed and well-trained army of the former Yugoslavia. This was in line with the UN Charter Article 51.
  3. Rape be declared a war crime.
  4. Bosnia’s national integrity as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country be preserved.
  5. War criminals responsible for rape and ethnic cleansing be tried by an international war crime tribunal.

Sadly, today, the state of Muslim minorities in many regions is getting worse. The settler-colonial projects of many brutal regimes, driven by greed and Islamophobia, have systematically targeted millions of indigenous Muslims living on their own ancestral lands. 

What has changed since then? Justice for All – a dedicated organization led by people with love for humanity, standing up for justice for the victims of Islamophobia and genocide. An organization with humble resources that engages sincere and talented professionals to make an impact. An organization that has a track record of advocating for human rights of Muslim minorities.

Who will continue to support the Prophetic mission of standing for justice and loving the Ummah?

You. Your calls. Your petitions. Your protests. Your Duas. Your donations. Your love for the Ummah.

Join Justice for All’s #LoveUmmah Online Fundraiser

 on Nov. 21, 2020 to Support North America’s Only Muslim Human Rights Group



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