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10 Things You Can Do For Burma

United States

  1. Call The White House and US State Department and urge them not to forget the importance of a Genocide determination for Rohingya.
  2. Support Senate Bill 35.
  3. Call your Senators and Congressperson to pass new legislation, including strong sanctions against Burmese military business interests
  4. Sign up for Burma Advocacy Days
  5. Boycott companies that do business with Burmese military owned companies
  6. Build alliances with local Burmese, to help them to strengthen religious coexistence and to restore democracy in their country
  7. Organize panels, presentations and fundraisers– support is needed!
  8. Inform and engage your local house of worship, masjid or community center- share resources from our website
  9. Volunteer to translate our materials
  10. Use social media to amplify news stories

Justice is for all, not only for “our” communities. Think globally, and put human rights values into action!

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