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North American Imams And Muslim Leaders Letter To Bangladesh Government

H.E. Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen, MP    12/21/2020

Foreign Minister of Bangladesh

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Segunbagicha, Dhaka 1000


Dear Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen: 


Honorable Foreign Minister, we admire Bangladesh’s remarkable generosity in allowing over a million Rohingya temporary safe haven. However, we request you stop the displacement to Bhasan Char. We are sure you share our values in feeling compassion for the stranger and the orphan. These are Islamic values and also universal norms. It is not the fault of the Rohingya that they are in need. They are fleeing genocide. 

We, the undersigned North American Muslim leaders, are firmly against the Government of Bangladesh’s plans to move forward with the relocation of up to 100,000 Rohingya refugees from Cox’s Bazar District to Bhasan Char, an isolated island off the coast of the Bay of Bengal with precarious and unknown conditions, and vulnerable to cyclones. 

According to the UN and other human rights organizations, more than a dozen families whose names appeared on the relocation list claim they were not consulted in this decision. Many refugees are fearful of being forced to move to the island after hearing of the “prison-like facilities” they would be subject to, as well as the government’s apparent reneging on cash gifts for people moving to the island. There are also very troubling reports of threats and violent mistreatment of traumatized Rohingya families.

These refugees have already suffered through crimes of genocide and unspeakable violence fueled by discrimination and racism in Myanmar. Certainly, to restore Rohingya homes and rights the international community must press the government of Myanmar more firmly. We also request from your government: 

  • Immediately stop relocation plans and return those on the island to their families and community in mainland Bangladesh
  • Support a UN-led assessment team to review the safety, sustainability, feasibility and environmental conditions on the island
  • Ensure due process that includes consent, and full and meaningful participation of Rohingya refugees in any plan for their relocation
  • Let Bangladeshi civil society conduct and independent assessment of what Rohingya want.

The human rights and dignity of Rohingya refugees must be respected and upheld. The children or the refugees must also receive some sort of guidance and schooling, even now during the pandemic.

Thank you for your attention to these essential matters. We welcome the opportunity to support the Bangladesh Government’s protection of Rohingya Muslim refugees. We understand your great responsibility and will continue to pressure the Burmese government.


  1. Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chair, Burma Task Force, Founder Justice For All, Chicago, United States
  2. Imam Muhammad Abdul Jabbar, Justice For All, Georgia, United States


  1. Maryam Qudsia, ICNA SISTERS, Member, Mississauga, Ontario Canada
  2. Taha Ghayyur, Justice for All Canada, Executive Director, Mississauga, Ontario Canada
  3. Diba Hareer, CCOC, Ontario, Canada
  4. Samir Hussein, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  5. Imam Nedzad Hafizovic, Bosnian Islamic Centre, Toronto Ontario Canada
  6. Nebih Feta, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  7. ChaplainRania Lawendy, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  8. Imam Mohammad Nasim Barak Eslah, Islamic Association (Masjid Ali RD), Vice President EIA Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
  9. Yasmeen Mirza, Muslim Association of Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  10. Ayub Hamid, Muslim Neighbour Nexus, Mississauga Ontario Canada
  11. Nasir Sarwar ,OAPP, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  12. Imam Sayed Tora, Muslim Association of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  13. Dr Raza Khan, Lawren Harris Medical Centre, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
  14. Muhammad Zahid, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  15. Imam Refaat Mohamed Mohamed, President, Canadian Council of Imams, Aurora, Ontario. Canada
  16. Farooq Mohiuddin, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  17. Jamal Khan, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  18. imam Ibrahim Hindy, Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  19. Imam Huzaifah Khan, ICCM, Milton Ontario, Canada
  20. Muneeb Nasir, Cordoba Centre for Civic Engagement, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  21. Zahid Rafique, General Secretary, Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

United States

  1. Abdullah Khan, Imam leader of the Muslim community, Huntsville, Alabama, United States
  2. Ashfaq Taufique, President, Emeritus Birmingham Islamic Society, Hoover, Alabama, United States
  3. Shaykh Suhail Mulla, Resident Scholar Islamic Society of West Valley, Northridge, California, United States
  4. Mufti Ibrahim Qureshi, Islamic Center Northridge California, Granada Hills, United States
  5. Imam Tarik Ata, Orange County Islamic Foundation Mission, Viejo, California, United States
  6. Dr. Nabeeh Hasan, Director of Colorado Muslim Speakers Bureau, Denver, Colorado, United States
  7. Anis Shaikh, Executive Board of Directors, Islamic Center of Connecticut, Connecticut, United States
  8. Imam Dr Talib Shareef, President, Masjid Muhammad, The Nation’s Mosque, District of Columbia, United States
  9. Imam Nadim Ali, Community Masjid, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  10. Mufti Muhammad Shareef Faani, Greenview Madani Center, Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
  11. Imam Zakir Ullah, Lawrenceville,, Georgia, United States
  12. Mr. Naeem Ahmed Mulla, Alpharetta Al-Rahmah, Chairman, Masjid Jafar, Georgia, United States
  13. Manzoor Khalid Lilburn, Director, Masjid Al-Momineen, Georgia, United States
  14. Samia Muhammad, Masjid al Furqan, Marietta, Georgia, United States
  15. Imam Azfar Uddin, Imam Islamic Foundation North Gurnee, Illinois, United States
  16. Rahim Shah Akhunkhail, Chair & Founder, MOUSA (Muslims of USA), Georgia, United States
  17. Masood Khan, Lawrenceville, ICNA, Georgia United States
  18. Imam Muhammad Abbasi, Macon Islamic Center of Macon, Georgia United States
  19. Dr. Abdul Waheed, Sound Vision, Illinois, United States
  20. Imam Ousmane Drame, Masjid Al-Farooq, Chicago, Illinois, United States
  21. Imam Ayman Soliman, Nationwide Mosque, Chicago, Illinois United States
  22. Nasser Hussein Imam Ifs Villa Park Illinois United States
  23. Imam Ahmad Hemaya, Union Kentucky, United States
  24. Hena Zuberi, Director, Justice For All, Washington DC, United States
  25. Dr. M. Samir Jafri Jafri, President, Board of Directors Muslim Community Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
  26. Dr. Ashraf Sufi, Muslim Community Center, Maryland, United States
  27. Sarwar Faraz, Clarksburg, Maryland, United States
  28. Dr Baig, Burtonsville, Islamic Community Center of Laurel, Maryland, United States
  29. Syed Ahmed, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Maryland United States
  30. Dr. Amin Ezzeddine, Vice President, MAS Maryland, Germantown, Maryland, United States
  31. Imam Faisal Khan, Director of Religious Affairs, Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland Wayland Massachusetts, United States
  32. Imam Ismail Fenni, Brighton Yusuf Mosque, Massachusetts, United States
  33. Imam Wissam Baki Baki, Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts, United States
  34. Irbaz Hannan Mattapan, Massachusetts, United States
  35. Imam Dr Asif Hirani, Worcester Islamic Center, Massachusetts, United States
  36. Vincent Ware, Director of Programs, Muslim American Society, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
  37. Imam Mr Abdessamad Qesmi Methuen, American Muslim Society, Danvers, Massachusetts, United States
  38. Othmane Habboulli, President , NAFIS Boston Center, Massachusetts, United States
  39. Emad Ezzat, Executive Director, Roxbury I. M. S. O.,    S. I. B. Massachusetts, United States
  40. Imam Adnan Cinar Methuen, UAMA, Massachusetts, United States
  41. Dr. Dris Djermoun, Executive Director, Andover Islamic Council of New England, Massachusetts, United States
  42. Shaikh Mirza Yawar Baig, West Springfield Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts, Massachusetts, United States
  43. Abdul Zahir, Former President, Fall River Islamic Center of South Coast, Massachusetts, United States
  44. Imam Suleiman Hani, Al Maghrib Institute, Michigan, United States
  45. Imam Khalil Markham, Detroit Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center, Michigan, United States
  46. Mr Hani Salem, Islamic Center of Detroit, Dearborn, Michigan United States
  47. Imam Tauheed Rashad, Detroit Community of W.D. Mohammed, Michigan, United States
  48. Shaykh Abdul Bari, Dream of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, United States
  49. Humayun Kabeer, former President, Manchester Islamic Council of New England, New Hampshire, United States
  50. Imam Adel Elmorsi, ICM2, New Jersey, United States
  51. Dr Syed Ehtisham, South Plainfield , New Jersey, United States
  52. Syed Gillani, Area Manager, Helping Hand USA, New Jersey, United States
  53. Dr Parvaiz Malik, Federation of Islamic Medical Association, New Jersey, United States
  54. Ammad Sheikh, Founder of the Muslims of Long Island, Huntington Station, New York, United States
  55. Imam Yaser Alkhooly, Syracuse HHRD, New York, United States
  56. Imam Abdul Mufti, East Elmhurst Al Madni  Inc, New York, United States
  57. Linda Sarsour Executive Director MPower Change Brooklyn New York United States
  58. Chaplain Rabia Harris Founder Muslim Peace Fellowship Stony Point New York United States
  59. Moulana Abdur Rahman, Awal Moulana Imam of Darul-Hidayah East Elmhurst New York United States
  60. Imam  abdul Mufti Imam Al Madni  inc East Elmhurst, New York, United States
  61. Moulana Abdur Rahman Awal Moulana Imam of Darul-Hidayah East Elmhurst New York United States
  62. Muftī Mohammed Uddin President Rihlatul ilm Foundation Lansdale Pennsylvania United States
  63. Shahid Mian, President, Central Islip Masjid, Darul Quran, New York, United States
  64. Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, Jamaica Interfaith Center of USA, New York, United States
  65. Sidratul Muntaha, President, Islip Halqa e Khawateen, Long Island, New York, United States
  66. President Habeeb Ahmed, Islamic Center of Long Island, New York, United States
  67. Imam Abdul Khan, Director General, Jamaica Masjid Omar Ben Abdel Aziz, New York, United States
  68. Abul Mesbahuddin, Bay Shore Masjid Darul Quran, New York, United States
  69. Dr Almas Abbasi Commack, Stony Brook Hospital, New York, United States
  70. Abdul Aziz Boro-Bhuiyan, Chairperson, New Hyde Park Muslim Community of Nassau County, New York, United States
  71. Mohammad Ahmed, Lindenhurst, New York, United States
  72. Mohammad Shahid, Bay Shore, New York, United States
  73. Imam Abdur Rahman Khan, Charlotte MEC, North Carolina, United States
  74. Carlin Saafir, President, Philadelphia United Muslim Masjid, Pennsylvania, United States
  75. Chaplain Mr. Samir Soulaiman Providence Department of Corrections, Rhode Island, United States
  76. Dr. Amjad Kinjawi , Board of Directors, Pawtucket Muslim Society of RI, Rhode Island, United States
  77. Imam Rafiq Mahdi, Farragut Muslim Community of Knoxville, Tennessee United States
  78. Imam Faisal Saeed, Chattanooga Masjid Muhammad, Tennessee, United States
  79. Shaykha Zaynab Ansari, Women’s Scholar-in-Residence Tayseer Seminary Knoxville Tennessee United States
  80. Imam Faisal Saeed, Imam Masjid Muhammad, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
  81. Imam Tyerre El Amin Boyd ,Imam Masjid New Africa Center for Human Development, Hitchcock, Texas, United States
  82. Imam Mohammed ElFarooqui, Imam Islamic Society of Greater Houston, Baytown, Texas, United States
  83. Imam Dr Basem Hamid, Wasat Institute, Shadow Creek Muslim Community Center, Pearland, Texas, United States
  84. Imam Daniel Hernández Imam/ President, Pearland Islamic Center, President Houston Imams Association, Pearland, Texas, United States
  85. Imam Yaser Birjas Religious Director Valley Ranch Islamic Center Irving Texas United States
  86. Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman, Founder and President, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, Texas, United States
  87. Zahed Kabir, Garland, Texas, United States
  88. Mohammed Syed Iqbal, MUNA, Dallas, Texas, United States
  89. Imam Dr Daoud Nassimi Herndon, Professor of Islam, NOVA College, Virginia, United States
  90. Dr Sadaf Ijaz, Chester, Virginia, United States
  91. Mihammed Husseini, President  of Mustafa Center, Annandale, Virginia United States
  92. Aneelah Afzali, Executive Director, American Muslim Empowerment Network, Seattle, Washington United States
  93. Ali Khan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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