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A Conversation On the Human Rights Crisis in India

On January 10, 2022 from 4:30PM to 6:00PM there will be a meeting entitled “A Conversation On the Human Rights Crisis in India”. As many know there has been an escalating crisis in India regarding a nationalist movement seeking to enshrine the major religion and ethnic group in India and marginalize as well as oppress the minorities. Although this movement has been gaining momentum for years two recent events have brought it to the forefront. Approximately half of foreign based charitable relief agencies have had their contributions blocked by the government. Many of these agencies aid in addressing the ongoing COVID pandemic. Even more alarmingly, ultra nationalist voices have called more loudly than ever for the slaughter of Muslims. We plan to openly discuss this situation and encourage our governments to speak up. Our meeting will feature main speakers Gary Van Kennen, President of the NYS Council of Churches, and John Prabhudoss of the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations.

Although the in-person meeting will be based at Centenary United Methodist Church 345 West Main St. Malone, NY, it will be a hybrid meeting allowing people the opportunity to participate online. The sponsors of this conversation are the North Franklin Ministerial Association, the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations, the Indian American Muslim Council, the Justice for All-Faith Coalition to Stop Genocide, Hindus for Human Rights, and the New York State Council of Churches. During Q&A our panelists will include John Prabhudoss, Gary Van Kennen, Ajit Sahi, Advocacy Director of the Indian American Muslim Council, Hena Zuberi, Director of the Washington DC  office of Justice for All, and Raju Rajagopal, co-founder of Hindus for Human Rights.  Rev. Peter Cook, Executive Director of the NYS Council of Churches will host and moderate.

January 10, 2022: A Conversation On the Human Rights Crisis in India

Monday January 10, 2022
4:30pm to 6:00pm EST

Below is the link to the meeting

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