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Prof Stanton & Nadine Maenza on leaders briefing: Press Release & Downloads


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India is in Stage 8 of 10 Preparation and Persecution Stage of Genocide: Genocide Watch Issues Emergency Genocide Alert on India

(Washington DC)

India has reached the 8th stage of genocide with the persecution of the Muslim community. Stating that Professor Greg Stanton declared a Genocide Emergency Alert for India today at Justice For All online briefing. Justice For All is an American Human Rights Organization led by Muslim Americans.

Genocide Watch has earlier issued a genocide alert for Assam and Indian held Kashmir.

Responding to ground realities manifested in the declarations of hate-laden violence from Dharam Sansads, or Hindu Religious Parliaments, served as the background of the January 9, 2022, leadership briefing organized by Justice For All, anti-genocide human rights organization.

It was attended by four hundred community and interfaith leaders from around the United States, Canada and other countries. Justice For All asked for and endorsed the genocide emergency alert announced by the leading watchdog Genocide Watch.

Nadine Maenza, Chairperson of the bi-partisan United States Commission on International Religious Freedom said, “India has a beautiful history of pluralism… but with the BJP leading the government since 2014, we have seen it erode secular principles by aggressively advocating for a pure Hindu state”. Referring to the recent Hindu religious parliament as “beyond troubling”, she further said “the US Congress must raise religious freedom concerns in US-India bilateral relationships’ ‘.

Gregory Stanton, founder of Genocide Watch, and developer of the 10 Stages of Genocide, reminded the audience that Modi’s “political base is the base that is held by the RSS… ”, and that the RSS is “filled with hate ever since it was founded, it is basically a Nazi organization, and in fact admired Hitler”.

He went on to state that these attacks on religious freedoms are a clear marker for genocide.

Stating that India has been taken over by an extremist party, he disclosed that his research organization believes that India is at Stage 8 of genocide, Persecution, just one step away from conducting extermination, and warned that Modi “will be very happy to just watch it happen”. He further stated that appeasement will not end this crisis and that there have to be repercussions such as sanctions against these perpetrators. Justice for All has filed for sanctions against three of these perpetrators according to/utilizing the Global Magnitsky Act.

Reiterating an appreciation of India’s culture, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, CEO of Justice For All said that the “well-being of Indias’ pluralism and democracy is good for the whole world. So it is in the interest of the world to work together to save India from fascism.”

Director of Save India From Fascism project, Zahir Adil, implored the silent majority, Hindu friends and allies, “Muslims have fought and condemned extremists from our faith, it’s your turn, fight yours!” he stated.

It is crucial to stress the distinctions between the religion of Hinduism and Hindutva, the hateful ideology of India’s ruling party.

At the briefing, Justice For All released a plan for all interested in preventing genocide in India. Actions can be taken at an individual level as well as for mosques and churches.


Watch Dr. Stanton:

Watch Ms. Nadine Maenza:


A U.S based NGO with Consultative Status at the United Nations (Department of Global Communications), Justice for All advocates for the global strengthening of human rights, with a focuses on situations of genocide and mass atrocity, and promotes grassroots empowerment.

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