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Justice For All makes ICC Submission on the Ambulance Bombing on October 11, 2023 Resulting in the Deaths of Four Paramedics

Justice For All Submits Evidence to ICC on Targeting of Gaza’s Medical Services as War Crimes
Justice For All, a prominent human rights organization, has submitted compelling evidence to the International Criminal Court (ICC) addressing the deliberate targeting and destruction of medical infrastructure in Gaza by Israeli forces. This submission underscores these actions as war crimes under the Rome Statute.
On October 11, 2023, Israeli forces targeted ambulances in Gaza, killing four paramedics. Despite coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Red Cross, these attacks resulted in the deaths of Khalil Al-Sharif, Yousry Al-Masry, Ahmed Dahman, and Hatem Awad. The deliberate targeting of medical personnel and facilities, including the bombing of 15 ambulances and 9 health institutions, is a blatant violation of international humanitarian law.
Since the beginning of its latest war on Gaza, Israel has conducted more than 400 attacks on healthcare facilities in the Strip, including every single one of its hospitals, leaving the majority non-functional. As of February 13, only 11 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza are partially functioning – five in the north and six in the south. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hospital bed capacity across all of Gaza has now been reduced from 3,500 to just 1,400. Hospitals such as the Rimal Clinic, the International Eye Center, and the Ministry of Health building have been severely damaged or rendered nonfunctional.
The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports that no hospitals are currently accessible in the North Gaza governorate, and communicable diseases are on the rise, particularly affecting children under five. Between May 15 and May 21, WHO documented eight new attacks on healthcare facilities, bringing the total to 458 attacks on healthcare since October 7. These attacks have affected 102 healthcare facilities, including 32 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals. As of May 24, 15 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza are only partially functional, 21 hospitals are out of service, and there are six functional field hospitals. Partially functional hospitals include facilities unable to provide inpatient care, with available bed capacity at existing hospitals reaching 439 percent as of May 13, more than four times the case load that their maximum capacity allows for.
Ambulances have faced relentless attacks, with about 120 completely destroyed. Numerous incidents have been reported where ambulances were prevented from reaching critically injured patients. In one tragic case, an Al Jazeera journalist injured from Israeli bombardment bled to death after the ambulance trying to reach him came under fire. In another harrowing incident, Israeli forces bombed a Palestine Red Crescent ambulance attempting to rescue a six-year-old child, Hind Rajab, trapped in a car with the dead bodies of her family members, killing the two paramedics onboard. Later, it was revealed that Israeli forces also killed the child they tried to rescue.
Imam Malik Mujahid, President of Justice For All, stated, “The intentional targeting of medical services is not only a violation of international law but also an assault on humanity. These actions aim to disrupt essential humanitarian efforts and endanger the lives of medical personnel and patients. The international community must hold those responsible accountable.”
The Rome Statute explicitly prohibits attacks on civilian objects, including medical units and transport. The targeting of ambulances and medical services in Gaza exemplifies a broader pattern of aggression by Israeli forces, aiming to dismantle essential humanitarian services and the social fabric of Palestinian society.
Justice For All’s submission calls for the ICC to recognize these actions as war crimes and to initiate proceedings against those responsible, including Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and other senior military officials. The organization seeks accountability and justice for the victims of these egregious acts.
For more information, please contact:
Hena Zuberi
Director of Advocacy
Justice For All
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