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Comparing Nazi Laws Against German Jews with Indian Laws Against Indian Muslims

“They [Muslims] thought they can increase their population and capture the country. But Modi ji and Amit Shah have brought this law and smashed their dream. I urge them not to step back but go forward with NRC…”
Swami Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, a Hindutva religious leader of the largest organization of Hindu monks (the Juna Akhara), and supporter of Prime Minister Modi

“Nazis Against Relationships Between Jews and non-Jews”
Why does the Jew instigate the German woman to race defilement, systematically and on a mass scale?…What are the consequences of race defilement for the German Nation?

This is a 1935 poster by Der Stürmer newspaper. Note how a Jew is depicted. Image Credit: Deutsches Historisches Museum

50,000 Muslim Owned Butcher Shops Were Closed.
Washington Post

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