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Reporters Without Borders in 2022 Rated India Below Somalia and Colombia, Ranking it 150th of 180 Nations in Terms of Media Freedom

Attacks on journalists in India are a major technique of the BJP-RSS regime to silence its opposition. This is the image of a Washington Post tweet which carried image of a full-page advertisement at Washington Post in support of Rana Ayyub, a journalist, critical of Modi, the BJP-RSS and Hindutva. A report published by the New York-based International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ), titled “Rana Ayyub: Targeted online violence at the intersection of misogyny and Islamophobia” analyzed nearly 13 million tweets that targeted Rana between December 2019 and March 2022. The report found a dense, inter-connected network targeting Rana Ayyub every 14 seconds.

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