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Statement on Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation


Aaron Bushnell’s act of self-immolation should send a strong message to the United States. We have failed our stand in the world as the primary promoter of freedom and human rights. That esteemed stature will now be taken away from us and perhaps will come to rest on other countries, notably, South Africa and Brazil.

This is the second American who has chosen to sacrifice their life in this extreme form of protest against genocide and freedom for Palestine. Although Justice For All values do not recommend this form of protest, we recognize their ultimate sacrifice and the deepest level of pain felt by Aaron Bushnell and the other lady whose name is yet unknown. Our hearts are with the Bushnell family during this trying time.

The US must immediately cease its active military support of genocidal aggression and reallocate its funds to save lives by airdropping food supplies to starving Palestinians.

Justice For All, the premier human rights organization led by American Muslims has been calling for the US government to use all of its influence and resources in relieving the suffering of the Palestinian people.


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