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10 Minute Action Alert: No Celebrating The Illegal Demolition of Babri Masjid In Times Square

The American India Public Affairs Committee and other orgs linked to extremist RSS are advertising on Times Square in New York, celebrating the re-invasion of Kashmir and the demolition of the 500-year-old Babri Masjid through a huge display on August 5th.

3D portraits of the temple’s design and architecture as well as pictures of the laying of the foundation stone by Prime Minister Modi will be displayed.

The Indian Prime Minister came to power by murdering Muslims during his campaign to demolish this Babri Masjid in Gujrat. That is the reason he was banned from entering the US for ten years.

We CAN stop this blatant disregard of human lives. They should not be allowed to celebrate a massacre in New York City.

10 Minute Action today:
CALL ABC/DISNEY and ask them to pull the controversial religious advertising on Aug. 5
Call Adam Polcek 212.456.7719 EMAIL:

Branded Cities: Denise Levine,, 646.650.2637  They have retracted

Clear Channel: Josh Scharfberg,, 212-812-0085

Please pull the advertisement planned by the American India Public Affairs Committee on Aug 5 on the Times Square display. These advertisements are religious by nature which is against your policy. They also celebrate bigotry in India while dividing Indians in New York.


  • Babri Masjid stood as a mosque since the 16th century, until Hindu extremists and followers of RSS demolished it.
  • Genocide Watch has issued a genocide alert for Kashmir, which India reinvaded on August 5.
  • Indian Christians, Muslims and Dalits are regularly attacked by Hindus.
  • Beef-eating people are lynched with impunity.
  • The same people are claiming their victory through this bigoted and controversial display in Times Square.

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