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71 International Organizations Call For Greater Coordination in Global Sanctions Against Chinese Government

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Contact: Aydin Anwar


(August 18, 2020, Washington D.C.) The Save Uyghur campaign welcomes and lauds the letter released by Human Rights First, co-signed by Justice For All, to multilaterize targeted sanctions against the Chinese government on their genocidal acts towards the Uyghur and other Turkic people of East Turkestan (Xinjiang). This comes after China has incarcerated millions of them in brainwashing concentration camps and prisons, enacting family separation, forced sterilization, organ harvesting, and other physical and cultural methods of erasure.

The letter includes two specific requests. First, it requests that the British and Canadian governments use their respective targeted human rights sanctions programs to mirror the US government’s recent sanctions actions concerning East Turkestan; and second, it requests that all three governments routinize information-sharing concerning human rights and anti-corruption targeted sanctions as a means to multilaterize Magnitsky-like sanctions. 

The letter includes 71 organizational signatories, Uyghur rights groups, international NGOs, and national NGOs from around the world.

This comes after the US government recently announced sanctions against top Chinese officials for genocidal acts towards Uyghurs and other Turkic people — a move that had been pushed by coalition members and activists for years. This marked the third time under Global Magnitsky that the United States government has sanctioned an entity, which includes the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau, the Xinjiang Party Secretary, Chen Quanguo, and a Politburo member. 

“Justice For All and it’s Save Uyghur Campaign have long called for sanctions designations of Uyghur Region Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary Chen Quanguo, other senior CCP officials for their design and execution of the Uyghur genocide. The US government has taken these needed steps. This oppressive regime needs a global response. We urge the British and Canadian governments to urgently take similar steps,” said Hena Zuberi, Director of Justice For All in Washington DC.

“The world must come together in support of Uyghurs by ensuring sanctioning China of its human rights violations. Tolerating the largest concentration camps since the Nazis can only allow other human rights violators to continue committing crimes against humanity,” added Abdul Malik Mujahid, President of Justice For All.

Download the letter GMA Sanctions Designations Letter


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