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Justice For All statement on USCIRF recommendation of India for CPC 2023


May 1, 2023

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released its 2023 report today. The report recommends India as a Country of Particular Concern. This is the 4th consecutive year that India has been recommended as a CPC, but so far the US Department of State has not accepted, clearly ignoring the blatant evidence that points to the validity of the recommendations. Recently, Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu praised India’s press freedoms, in utter disregard to the many flags raised by international, US and Indian journalism watchdogs and organizations.

The Save India from Fascism campaign at Justice For All thanks the team and commissioners at USCIRF and welcomes the recommendation by USCIRF, which has been prevented by India from traveling to the country to do on-ground research. India has, using clandestine organizations, smeared USCIRF for its recommendations against religious persecution.

The State Dept. must allow sensibilities to Human and Religious Rights to prevail over perceived economic and military benefits and declare India as a CPC. Coddling India is dangerous, and encourages the majoritarian and fascist ideology expounded by Prime Minister Modi’s RSS-BJP regime to continue on the path of extremism and applying Nazi inspired methods in marginalizing India’s minority populations, especially Muslims and Christians. A majoritarian India will not be a good partner against China, and continued coddling will be misinterpreted as US weakness and power India’s arrogance in dealing with the United States.

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