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Justice For All Raises Concerns About “No Muslim Candidates”, Hindutva Advances in IT Industry

The advertising from Indian-American firm Nityo Infotech is a symptom of a larger problem. A recruiter at Nityo Infotech reportedly sent out an email seeking applicants for the IT company that stated: “Please do not submit Muslim candidates for below position”. As RSS and BJP sympathizers gain ground in US IT circles, many have reported discrimination, in many different forms. This was brought to the fore in the lawsuit filed by California against Cisco on discrimination by high caste Hindus against lower caste workers.

Zahir Adil, lead of Justice For All’s Save India From Fascism project said “It is astonishing, the speed at which the RSS & BJP operatives are moving, not only in India, but here in the US. If we don’t act decisively against these ideological infiltrations, it will only increase in future. What I fear is IT departments so heavily staffed by these ideologues that it becomes difficult to free ourselves from their tentacles.”

CAIR is working on the Nityo case, but needs your help.

CAIR-NJ, CAIR-San Diego Call on Nityo Infotech to Probe ‘Please Do Not Submit Muslim Candidates’ Recruiting Message, Take Disciplinary Action

If you or someone you know was contacted by Nityo, or has had dealings with them which unveiled a discriminatory treatment on their part, please contact CAIR-NJ immediately.

CAIR-NJ Executive Director Selaedin Maksut, 862-264-9414,

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