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Justice For All Statement On Attacks by RSS led CAA Supporters Against Peaceful Protestors.

The last two days of attacks in India’s capital city, Delhi, have been horrific. Neighborhoods have been set on fire by militants of the RSS, a Nazi inspired extremist  organization. They have beat residents and peaceful protestors while openly calling the religious chants that RSS militants are known for. Muslim houses were marked with saffron flags. Entire markets of Muslim shops were burnt to ashes. And all this while the police quietly stand by allowing the attacks to happen.

This is Delhi the Capital, not a remote village. Delhi pulsates with Muslim culture at every turn, through its neighborhoods and alleyways. Hindus and Muslims have lived next to each other for centuries in Delhi. India is home to more Muslims than most Muslim majority countries. Sadly, India is the only country that has two genocide alerts against it, both related to its Muslim population (

Justice For All strongly condemns the attacks on peaceful protestors by RSS militants. We condemn the inaction by the Delhi Police to stop the attackers and recognize this inaction as explicitly supporting the attackers. We also condemn the RSS, the Modi led Government of India, that has slowly been working at disenfranchising Muslims, Dalits and other minorities in India, as they work on creating a fascist Hindu state, in complete disregard of the Constitution of India.

Justice For All calls on every justice loving person and organization in the United States and around the globe to join us in condemning these attacks. We can not wait and watch as this keeps escalating, not Hindus, not Muslims, nor Christian, Dalit or Jews, certainly not those who want peace, or who wish to do business in India, and nor those who continue to call India the largest democracy.

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