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Save India Action Alert: The State Dept Must Rewrite Report On India

The US State Department’s annual report on Human Rights’s section on India raises serious concerns about its scholarship on India: here is Justice For All’s official statement. Justice For All strongly disputes the India section of this report covering the year 2019 and demands a correction from the State Department. 

We are demanding a rewriting of the report from the State Department, as its present form undermines the report’s credibility among neutral human rights observers.

As a human rights advocacy organization working on behalf of persecuted minorities, we note with particular concern that the report fails to examine the ruling party’s Hindutva ideology, a phenomena many scholars are defining as a form of fascism with serious impact on human rights in India. The increased targeting of marginalized communities is often carried out by groups claiming to support the current government. 

Action: Call State Department asking them to revise their report: DRL Assistant Secretary Robert A. Destro. Tweet him at @DRL_AS and copy @StateDept
Email address to receive public comments – Be polite but firm.

Call Sec. Destro: (202) 647- 4000. Select option “4” for the operator and request to be transferred to the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL).

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