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Tweet At Sec Blinken: Pogrom Prep Starts In India


India’s BJP supporters prepare another pogrom. US make a statement NOW @SecBlinken @SaveIndiaOrg #IndianIslamophobia Click To Tweet India’s slide toward fascism and calling for mass murder of Muslims cannot be ignored @SecBlinken @SaveIndiaOrg Click To Tweet Hate speech and incitement against Muslims in Delhi today by Narsinghanand Saraswati’s followers. Remember the incitement that caused the 2020 Delhi pogrom that caused Muslim deaths,homes & businesses destroyed ? #indianislamophobia… Click To Tweet A Hindutva mob was able to gather in thousands in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi openly inciting #genocide against Muslims. Delhi Muslims are still reeling in fear from the horrific pogrom that took place in 2020 while PM Modi continues… Click To Tweet
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