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Justice For All is a human rights organization focused on Muslim minority issues and anti-genocide advocacy accredited by the United Nations (Dept. of Public Information)

Major Achievements:

  • Bosnia: Stopped the genocide, instrumental in recognizing rape as a war crime.
  • United States Policy: Successfully advocated for a decade-long ban on Narendra Modi’s entry into the US, post Gujarat Massacre
  • Trade and Human Rights: Overcame lobbying efforts by Apple, Nike, & Coca Cola, leading to an import ban on Chinese products involving Uyghur forced labor.
  • Rohingya Crisis: Secured $2.3 billion in aid for Rohingya refugees and played a pivotal role in the U.S. declaration of the Rohingya genocide. Assisted in submitting Rohingya victim cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and supported the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case against Burma.

Focused Campaigns:

Palestine Campaign:

  • Mobilized 400 volunteers for media watch, engaging the media over 16,000 times for improved coverage
  • Trained 5,000+ American Muslims and allies in Congressional advocacy to combat the Gaza genocide.
  • Delivered 214,900 emails to opinion leaders and made 10,000+ calls to Congress and the White House.
  • Support Palestinians in submitting claims to the ICC
  • Formed a committee to submit evidence to the International Criminal Court on war crimes. 
  • Organized 20 training sessions on advocacy and media watch.
  • Run an Active Palestinian Child Prisoners Campaign 
  • Policy memos to various branches of the government 
  • Issuing Research report on Gaza Genocide in near future

Save India Campaign:

  • Briefed 125 Middle Eastern journalists on the plight of Muslims in India, providing regular updates.
  • Facilitated high-profile meetings in Muslim countries against India’s policies.
  • Submitted human rights reports to the United Nations in Geneva. 
  • Submitted rebuttal to Senate testimony misleadingly favorable to India.
  • Utilized the Magnitsky Act against instigators of violence toward Muslims in India, leading to 2 Congressional hearings and mobilizing 271,631 petition signatories for UN action on hijab rights.
  • Challenged the non-profit status with the IRS of organizations promoting religious conversions and violence in India.

Rohingya: Burma Task Force:

  • Central to the U.S. recognition of the Rohingya genocide. A decade long effort.
  • Documented over 160 victim testimonies in the camps in 2017
  • Significantly contributed to the U.S.’s leading role in Rohingya aid ($2.3 billion).
  • Engaged legal expertise to file legal cases at the International Crimiinal Court 
  • Worked with lawyer to provide evidence to the Gambia case against Burma in the International Court of Justice
  • Organizing over 323 Congressional meetings to further the cause. Alhamdulillah
  • Hired a Lobby firm to represent Rohingya 

Save Uyghur Campaign:

  • Played a key role in passing the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and introducing the Uyghur Human Rights Sanctions Review Act.
  • Advocated for the Uyghur Policy Act in the House.
  • Held teh largest rally in support of Uyghur in the United States
  •  report on Uyghur Imams

Kashmir Action:

  • Advocated at the UN in Geneva for recognition of India’s abuses in Kashmir
  • Launched a historic timeline project documenting human right violations in Kashmir.
  • Engaged in diplomatic meetings to highlight the issue at the international level.

Sri Lanka Campaign:

  • Successfully campaigned against the forced cremation of Muslim bodies in Sri Lanka.
  • Advised the U.S. State Department on adopting Muslim-friendly policies for future ambassadors.

Domestic work

  • Flint Coalition For Clean Water 
  • Advocating for indigenous rights at Standing Rock 
  • Key part of anti-war movement 
  • Supporting the Black Lives movement


Impact Report for 2023

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