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Genocide Watch issues Emergency Alert for India: Take ACTION
Indian Fascists Must Be Stopped Now.

This is the path Nazis took for its Jews, Burma took for its Rohingyas, and now India is taking for its 200 million Muslims:

  • Strip Citizenship
  • Take Away Votes, Services & Rights
  • Murder, Rape & Torture
  • Send to Detention Camps
  • Deport Them
  • Genocide

The new Indian citizenship law allows Indians of any religion who cannot prove their citizenship, to become citizens,
except for Muslims. India has already stripped 1.9 million Bangla speaking people of citizenship, just before it reinvaded Kashmir.1

No wonder the Washington D.C. based organization, Genocide Watch, has issued two Genocide Alerts for India.2

It was a New York Times editorial, “Deadly Alliances Against Muslims,” that first warned about Hindu extremists in India conspiring with Buddhist in Burma against Muslims.3

How has the land of Gandhi reached this stage?

The short answer is that the same fascists who killed Gandhi now run the government of India!


In December 2019, the Indian government enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The CAA fast-tracks nationality for non-Muslim minorities from neighboring countries. In effect undocumented people from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh who escaped persecution and arrived in India before 2014 can be fast-tracked to citizenship – but it only applies to those who are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, Parsi or Christian, NOT Muslim. 

Changes in citizenship policy are being framed by the government as a way to target “illegal migrants” or “infiltrators”. But a common explanation for the changes is that they have been driven by Hindu nationalism of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – the organization that molded Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, as well as Nathuram Godse, the man who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. This ideology promotes the idea of a Hindu Rashtra, which aims to formally entrench Hinduism in Indian politics while continuing an anti-Muslim agenda. Muslims, India’s largest minority, have been targeted by Modi’s BJP government. 

The Indian constitution is a secular one that enshrines equality for all its people, irrespective of religion. The CAA violates the right to equality enshrined in India’s constitution. Many international legal experts, including the United Nations special rapporteur on minorities, say India’s new citizenship law is discriminatory and there is the danger that millions of minority groups such as Muslims will be denied citizenship. 

Accompanying this is the adoption of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), an attempt to draw up a register of Indian citizens. Nearly two million people have been excluded from a citizenship list in the state of Assam where the NRC exercise was concluded last year. The BJP turned the registry into a predominantly anti-Muslim exercise and ultimately, the majority of the 2 million residents of Assam who were stripped of citizenship were Muslim. There are now 6 detention centers holding mostly Bengali people. 

There are remarkable similarities in the way citizenship laws are being used to leave swathes of people stateless and without citizenship rights – stripped of the right to vote, the right to own property, and the right to any kind of social security. The combination of the CAA and NPR is paving the path to disenfranchising the Muslim minority community in India. Experts warn that the CAA, coupled with the proposed NRC, violates international law, specifically the prohibition on rendering people stateless.

What is the RSS?

RSS, The Killers of Gandhi Run India Today

The convicted killer of Mahatma Gandhi was a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, as it is known in India. RSS based its ideology on the ideas of racial purity preached by German Nazis and fascists in the 1930s and 40s. During World War II, the RSS openly supported Adolf Hitler. Its agenda was, and remains the same: To turn India into a Hindu nation, marked by the cultural and political hegemony of upper caste Hindus i.e. Indo-Aryans. RSS is a bit like SS of Nazi Germany, only more powerful, semi-secret, and extremely dangerous with trained 600,000 paramilitary members, and some 57,000 branches across the country. They run schools where millions of students study.

The RSS has been banned four times in India, but is now the de facto power that runs India. The RSS is the parent of all the organizations known as the “Sangh Parivar.” Members of these organizations have been implicated in mass killings, forced conversions5, inciting riots, and in bombing churches and mosques. 

The RSS is the parent organization of the BJP, the party which currently rules India. Today, the Indian President and the Prime Minister, both are card-carrying members of the fascist RSS. The current chief of RSS, Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat served as the commander of RSS militia training for years before becoming its “Supreme Leader.” The government of India now provides the RSS chief with round-the-clock security cover.4 It is the same level of security provided to the Indian Prime Minister and the President. 

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