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Flint Needs Interfaith Action

January 26, 2016

Those who have walked with Dr. King know better that interfaith movement is not all talk. It is a real collaborative action which delivers results.

Flint, Michigan, today needs that action.

A whole city is poisoned, not by our enemies but our elected leaders and civil servants who are paid by our taxes.

Imam Mujahid, Chair of Justice For All has joined the following leaders in calling a US-wide conference call to directly listen to Flint leaders and organizers and think together of how we can support them.

Rabbi Brant Rosen, Tzedek Chicago & American Friends Service Committee
Rev. Chloe Breyer, Interfaith Center of New York
Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, Charter of Compassion
Joe Lombardo, UNAC
Jonathan Jackson, Operation Push
Karenna Gore, Center for Earth Ethics
Imam Khalid Griggs, Winston Salem Mosque
Dr. Larry Greenfield, Parliament of World Religions
Prof. Rami Nashashibi, IMAN
What: Conference Call THIS Thursday (Jan. 28th) at 3 PM EST.
Sign up here to join to support Flint. You will be provided a conference call number.

Flint is facing a disaster, except that it has not been declared a Disaster Zone by President Obama, which can allow FEMA to handle the disaster beyond three months. The current designation, Emergency, allows only for a little 5 million dollars.

Water bottles cannot resolve the problem.

Flint needs new water pipes. The arsenic chemical and lead have destroyed the water pipes.

Just imagine, what the destroyed metal is doing to human body.

Unfortunately, for more than a year, Flint people have been forced to drink this poison.

We have been in touch with the Flint community. They need a national push for three things:

  1. Disaster Zone Declaration: President Obama to designate Flint to be a disaster zone
  2. Water Pipes change: Governor Snyder to declare that he will use state’s $500 million surplus to change the water pipes in Flint. This is the only solution to the water disaster
  3. Water tankers in each block of Flint and replenish them through FEMA until water pipes are replaced

This issue has been going on for a year and Flint people are fearful that it will not disappear soon if it is left like this with half measures. They cannot sell their houses to move out since no one is buying houses in Flint, specially those with lead pipes.

To address this crisis, there will be a conference call THIS Thursday (Jan. 28th) at 3 PM EST. Please advise on the following:

  1. Can you join the call? Please sign up here if you can. You will be provided a conference call number.
  2. Who else you think can mobilize at national, regional, or grassroots level for Flint. Please suggest other leaders.

Please don’t consider this to be an issue which concerns Flint only. This is just one of the symptoms of what is happening to poor people in our country.

Imam Mujahid’s Message on the Flint Water Crisis

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