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We Need Political Pressure, Not Just Water Bottles

Flint residents are being forced to drink lead-laden water for two years, which, according to EPA standards, is toxic waste; no medicine can treat the irreversible brain damage that has been inflicted upon every single child in Flint. The water bottle solution will require 20 million bottles of water per day for the next year or two until this problem is solved, making it an environmental hazard.

No one, however, is committing to a 3 point solution:

  1. State of Michigan to change all lead pipes;
  2. President Obama to declare Flint a disaster zone to allow long term federal assistance;
  3. State of Michigan must deliver two 55-gallon drums to every home in Flint and each day replenish them with fresh clean water from Lake Huron. Until the government does its job right, the relief organizations should follow this model replacing water bottle supply.

Make 2 Phone Calls a Day

What is needed is political pressure, not just water bottles. Please call now and call every day to support the demands of Flint Coalition.

Post this on Your Facebook

Not a single lead-contaminated water pipe in Flint, Michigan has been repaired or replaced. Please spare 10 minutes a day to put pressure.
——- Call Gov ‪#‎Snyder‬ 517-373-3400 to ‪#‎ChangePipes‬
——–Call President Obama 202-456-1111 to ‪#‎DeclareFlintDisaster‬ zone

Muslims in Flint are playing the ideal role in struggling and helping their neighbors. What is needed is political pressure, not just water bottles. It will take 20 million bottles a day to meet the need which will create another crisis. Please call now and call every day. Support ‪#‎FlintCoalition‬

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