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Justice for All’s 30 Day Ramadan Justice Action Plan

Begin with du’as and Intentions: connect your heart to the plight of your Muslim brothers and sisters who are facing oppression – Palestinians, Indians, Uyghur, Rohingya, Kashmiris – and make sincere du’a for them. Make the intention to support freedom and justice for them in the blessed month of Ramadan with du’as and action. Ask Allah for His help in your efforts and acceptance.

Week 1: Education and Awareness

  • Memorize a hadith on justice as worship
  • Reflect on a verse in the Qur’an on justice [ie. 4:135, 4:58, 5:8 16:90, 55:7-9]
  • Start Conversations: 
      • Discuss with friends, family, and colleagues to raise awareness and understanding
  • Stay informed: Subscribe to Justice for All’s newsletter here to receive weekly updates and action alerts, and encourage others to join you.
  • Share Infographics:
      • Share Justice for All’s infographics on social media to educate your followers and encourage them to join you in taking action
  • Attend a Virtual Workshop/Training


Week 2: Advocacy and Action

  • Sign a Petition
  • Contact your Elected Officials:
  • Actions for Palestine:
  • Actions for Rohingya:
  • Fundraising: Donate, even if $5 a day to reap the benefits of charity in Ramadan. You can select a cause or choose “best use”: Multiply your reward by launching a fundraising campaign to support Justice for All’s work.


Week 3: Mobilization and Engagement

  • Social Media Campaign: Retweet, repost, and share Justice for All infographics on social media and Whatsapp to educate your followers and encourage them to join you in taking action.
  • Register to Vote.
  • Media Outreach: 
  • Write a unique letter to your local newspaper about Gaza. 
  • To help counter media bias on Israel/Palestine, join Palestine Media Watch here
  • Direct Action: 
  • Attend a protest.
  • Set up a meeting with your Congressperson, Senator, State Senators, Delegates


Week 4: Reflection and Planning for Continued Action beyond Ramadan

    • Collective Dua: Join Justice for All’s Qadr and Qist Program
  • Reflection: Reflect on the impact of your activism efforts so far and what you’ve learned throughout the process. Thank Allah for allowing you this opportunity and for the achievements attained. Evaluate the effectiveness of your actions and identify areas for improvement or further engagement.
  • Volunteer: Sign up to volunteer here with Justice for All to collaborate and strengthen your impact.
  • Adopt a Prisoner of Conscience here.
  • Planning for the Future: Make intentions and du’a in this blessed month to continue advocacy and activism throughout the year. Develop a long-term action plan.

DOWNLOAD this plan as an Portable Document Format file: CLICK HERE

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