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Report Launch: Palestine – Genocide, Apartheid, and Occupation

Islamophobia and Racism have led to the Genocide and Persecution of Palestinians

The United Nations designated March 15th as International Day to Combat Islamophobia. Last year on this day, Justice for All published a report outlining the genocide of Muslims in four countries of concern. 


This year, Justice for All launches a new report about the live genocide we are witnessing in Palestine, and how this is linked to Islamophobia and Anti-Palestinian racism. 


Justice for All is a human rights organization with consultative status at the United Nations that has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around genocide over the last 30 years. It grew out of advocacy efforts to stop genocide in Bosnia, and currently overseas several campaigns to safeguard the fundamental human rights of at-risk or impacted communities by reinforcing the universal human rights framework articulated in the Geneva Convention and respect for international law as laid out in the charter of the United Nations. 


The new report describes the decades of persecution that Palestinians have been subjected to by the Israeli government, including mass killings, displacement, military occupation, and apartheid. Human rights scholarship and legal analysis support the assertion that Israel has been committing an “incremental genocide”, which dramatically escalated since October 7, 2023 with over 30,000 Palestinians and over 12,000 children killed so far by the Israeli military. 


The thesis of the report proposes that Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, the same ideologies that established a brutal system of apartheid in Palestine, are causing the genocide of Palestinians. The Global War on Terror, which was in fact built on hostility towards the Palestinian liberation movement, continues to be used as an easy justification to mask the Islamophobia driving military campaigns. The report defines and analyzes genocide according to the Genocide Convention and the “10 Stages of Genocide”, a common method of categorizing and describing situations arising to the level of genocide around the world, as well as the international laws that apply. It documents the plethora of statements by Israeli officials dehumanizing Palestinians, historically and through the present, and explores the impact of this genocide on Palestinian children in particular. 


The report concludes with recommendations for the United States, Canada, the United Nations, and civil society, requiring immediate attention given the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The absence of meaningful consequences and the presence of support and endorsement from various countries has emboldened Israel to continue its human rights abuses.


Join us for our launch event over Zoom at 3:00 PM EST.

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