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Community Alert: Do Not Support “SOORYAVANSHI” An Islamophobic Indian Movie

Sooryavanshi- HIslamophobic Movie
1. Community Alert: Do Not Support “SOORYAVANSHI” An Islamophobic Indian Movie
2. The United States Should Not Be A Platform For Islamophobic Indian Movie “Sooryavanshi”

Justice for All trusts that you and your loved ones are well and safe. An Islamophobic Indian propaganda movie titled “Sooryavanshi” is being screened across the United States at big name theaters such as AMC and Regal. The movie negatively stereotypes Muslms and plays into the harmful  “good Muslim – bad Muslim” narrative. The Washington Post published an opinion piece on this movie, and the New York Times published a review of it. Justice For All has joined with CAIR in opposing American companies platforming Islamophobic Indian movies.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) use all forms of media to propagate their Hindutva majoritarian agenda, which includes relegating Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other minorities as second class citizens. Sooryavanshi, now a box office hit,  is one such movie which, under the guise of fiction relays the narrative that Indian Muslims cannot be trusted, save for the Hindu nationalist idea of what a good Indian Muslim should be. In India this has resulted in real world violence against Muslims and it has been devastating. It is crucial that we collectively voice our distaste for these hateful anti-Muslim tropes and let the the movie industry in the United States know that we vehemently oppose them providing a platform for hateful propaganda. 

Justice for All urges everyone not to spend their hard earned dollars on this hateful propaganda film. We also request that you do not watch the trailer on YouTube or any other social media platform. We urge everyone to email or call movie companies that are screening this movie to voice your opposition against hate in any form. 


Justice for All – Save India from Fascim 


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